Notice of system upgrade - 17-01-2018

The server infrastructure is having some problems due to bad implementation in the first year of this automated project. To solve the problems and prevent new problems I have desided to build a completely new infrastructure for this project. The server will be down for a while but will come back stronger as ever!

Update details

  • Updated server infrastructure with less possible failure points
  • New SSD raid array with redundancy (currently running two raid 0 arrays)
  • Multiple chains supported. BTC, BTG, BCH, LTC
  • Direct downloads instead of torrents
  • New file naming scheme. for example:
  • Zip files instead of RAR to enlarge OS support
  • Website upgrade for better usability and multiple chain support
  • New server OS's
  • New server location offering redundant power, redundant network, cheaper service, open-air-cooling system

Meanwile available downloads

The latest download (16-01-2018) is available below. The downloads are direct download links and will work as long as the server is online.

Sorry for the inconvenience that this upgrade may cause.

Kind Regards,

Update - 25-01-2018

In last week, lots has happened! All the coding is basicly done, just some testing left on the "TO-DO" list.

Update - 26-01-2018

DNS upgrade in progress. Disruptions in the service can be part of the deal...

Update - 30-01-2018

I am ready to pick-up the server from the current Datacenter. Downloads will go down! Parts for the server have been ordered.

Update - 02-02-2018

The server is physically adjusted, RAID array has been set up and the Hypervisor has been installed. The new routing solution has been configured too. Next step is the installation of the application servers and loadbalancers.

Update - 08-02-2018

The server is back in the (old) datacenter. Application servers are synchronizing with the coin networks, Loadbalancing is running perfectly

Update - 10-02-2018

Loadbalancing is fully tested

Update - 11-02-2018

Download redirection is fully tested, Website cronjob in final testing


Subsystem Status
Infrastructure drawings Done
Proccess flows Done
Download creation script Final testing stage
Download server specifications Done
Website cronjob Done
New website layout Done
Automatic download redirection Done
Domain structure Over to new DNS Structure. IP has to be changed one more time in the final stage
Server installation Done. All OS's are installed and working perfectly.
Server physical adjustments The server is physically adjusted
Application servers In progress. Synchronizing with the coin networks. Application testing in progress.
Loadbalancing Setup Done
Latest download available NO

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